Excellence through Innovation

WEB Designing & Seo


Xisto is dedicated in servicing the web industry and believes in open communication through websites. Our career makes us review hundreds of websites and our young team focuses on learning the good decent concepts and techniques used by most.

We understand an "average web user" and we design your site keeping his knowledge and visit in mind. Our designs reflect the following properties :-

  • A clear hierarchy of pages, categories and text links to reach each page.
  • Pages are designed to clearly display your content with elegant color combos.
  • Focussing on the Data with respect to Search Engines and using proper words wherever necessary to make it easy for Users and Bots to understand your site.
  • Descriptive Tags to make sure its accessible to disabled people as well.
  • Following Web-Standard & Browser compatibility rules strictly to make the pages accessible to a large number of browsers.

We do not promise EXCEPTIONAL WORLD CLASS competitive quality work, but we gurantee a decent , good communication and friendly support,

We expertise in the following concepts and not just Designing & Deploying a website for the sake of business.

  1. Purpose and Goal? : Why are you building a website?
  2. Branding : How far are you going to brand your company / website.
  3. Strategizing your Project to make it run on the Web: Millions of websites exist in market. However, only few handpicked ones are successful.
  4. Planning your content and the proper approach to give out your content.
  5. e-Marketing, Branded Marketing, SEO etc. to yield a higher Return of Investment (ROI). (requires intense planning)

Only when above questions are clear and ready, a customer can expect good returns and can be peaceful throughout his/her website development stages.

To Web your Site through Xisto, Please email sales@xisto.com